ISSA 2018 World Series - 1st Event registered competitors
NumberCountryName and SurnameRegistered atStatus
1Portugal - PORPaulo Alves2018-04-07 07:07:16Confirmed
2Austria - AUTReinhard Wiesenhofer2018-04-07 09:39:45Confirmed
3Germany - GERMarco Hepp2018-04-07 15:40:48Confirmed
4Poland - POLKrzysztof Russek2018-04-07 16:01:15Confirmed
5United Kingdom - GBRAndy Torbet2018-04-07 21:10:13Confirmed
6Greece - GRETheodoros Douzenis2018-04-07 22:36:52Registered
7Sweden - SWEHenrik Raimer2018-04-08 08:22:00Confirmed
8United Kingdom - GBRMax Hurd2018-04-08 13:41:47Registered
9Italy - ITAStefano Celoria2018-04-09 10:41:02Confirmed
10Italy - ITASimone Bonfanti2018-04-11 08:38:22Confirmed
11United Kingdom - GBRMikey Lovemore2018-04-11 23:07:59Confirmed
12Portugal - PORVitor Mendes2018-04-16 22:45:40Confirmed
13Portugal - PORCarlos Marques2018-04-18 09:10:47Confirmed
14Italy - ITAMascia Ferri2018-04-18 12:29:44Confirmed
15Portugal - PORCarlos Pinto2018-04-19 12:04:11Confirmed
2 competitors registered, 13 competitors confirmed

Note:The resgistration will change to "Confirmed" status after the money transfer arrives the Portuguese Parachuting Federation Bank Account.